CitaDelv — The future of MMO Metaverse on Cardano

Matthew H
4 min readApr 21, 2022


Welcome to CitaDelv, the next big MMO Metaverse project, built on both Unity and Cardano Blockchain. Today, I’ll be addressing why we are creating CitaDelv, and why you should be interested in the project.

Why make a MMO Metaverse?

I have seen a common sentiment shared from participants in standard Metaverses — they seem dead. Part of the challenge is that with so many Metaverses out there, there is no one central virtual location where everyone will interact. On earth, there are tons of NPCs walking around at all times! In order to have a thriving Metaverse, there needs to be a healthy mix of interaction with other people, as well as simulated interaction through local members of the Metaverse.

A challenge that many Metaverse projects face is that there isn’t much to do there, at least not yet. Building an MMO seamlessly intertwined with the components of a Metaverse allows for members to participate in quests, character progression, understanding of lore, and much more. As time progresses, more and more community built aspects of the Metaverse will rise, but we can all share the experience of the foundational world that existed before transforming it into something entirely new together.

Why will CitaDelv Succeed?

With hundreds of Metaverse projects already in the ecosystem, and tens on them built on Cardano, what makes CitaDelv unique and worthwhile to join?

CitaDelv is, and always will be, free to play.

The majority of metaverse projects within the Cardano Ecosystem have the same barrier to entry — to join, you have to purchase a plot of land as an NFT. While I have good faith in these projects, there will undoubtedly be some that end up never delivering a complete product, and pocket the money from your purchase before moving on to the next rug pull. These projects may not even be malicious in intent, but rather find down the course of the project that their goals are not realistic or too time intensive to deliver. That, or a sub-standard product will be released to the disappointment of all that invested early on, only to see the floor of their NFTs crash.

At CitaDelv, there are perks to owning your own land, but it is in no way a requirement to experience the complete gameplay and metaverse. You will have access to the same gameplay, the same resources, the same character progression and same ability to enjoy the world as those with their own land. The only limits that exist without owning land is the ability to build, design, customize and create to earn on that land.

Secondly, CitaDelv is grassroots, and not burdened by venture capital.

Several metaverse projects within the Cardano ecosystem have taken hundreds of thousands of US dollars from venture capitalists to accelerate their growth. Thus far, the bulk of those funds seems to be put into marketing and the purchasing of followers/interactions. I have seen few examples of where this funding has been allocated towards creating a better product, though I hope I am proven wrong here. (To that point, if you know of a upcoming Metaverse project using funds in a way to improve the product — please let me know). CitaDelv’s efforts are and for the foreseeable future will be 100% funded by the CitaDelv team and the Cardano community members that wish to do so. We do not make promises to corporate investors, we make promises to you, the community members. We do and always will value the opinions and suggestions of our community more so than any external party looking to make a profit.

Third, we empower the community to create their own world, rather than just live in one we created.

At first glance, that sounds like what most Metaverse projects are doing, allowing landowners to design their own land. CitaDelv takes this process several steps further. You will be able to build and design your own land, but with our custom built Profusion Software Development Kit, you will be able to do much more. Through Profusion SDK, landowners will be able to create their own ‘Ventures’: games, videos, virtual businesses, and more. Once a Venture is created, it is entirely owned by the creator, and barring any breach of terms of use, free to be whatever the creators wants it to be. As opposed to Horizon World's, Roblox, Steam and almost every other community game creation platform, CitaDelv will be taking 0% of the profits obtained from community owned Ventures. You can learn more about this toolkit here.

Why follow this Medium Account?

As the COO of CitaDelv, I will be posting often with content related to the project. Starting this upcoming Monday, April 25th, I will be posting the 1st of our Weekly Project Update series. Twitter is a great platform for displaying media: gameplay highlights, graphics, roadmaps, etc., but there is a lot more going on in the back end to develop CitaDelv. Through these weekly updates, and other posts, our team will be giving you more insights into what we are working on and the progress that we are making. We aim to be transparent, and bring our early community members along with us as we build CitaDelv.

I will also be writing articles pertaining to Cardano, Cardano based projects, and other crypto related topics. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself burrowing down deep rabbits holes on topics you are interested in, and I will be sharing my learnings through this Medium account. A significant portion of my investment portfolio is allocated to cryptocurrencies, and I plan on sharing currencies and projects that I believe to be of high potential through these postings.

Want to learn more?

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