CitaDelv Weekly Update 5/16


If you missed last weeks update, you can review it here. In that update I discussed the strategy behind our land design, and ways that CitaDelv is unique in a crowded Metaverse and MMO space. We are targeting mid June for our initial land sale, which will be land available on the South West quadrant of our map. This week, I will be discussing the timeline for full map release, present to the community our Litepaper, and announce a partnership.


Map Release

We will be releasing a new quadrant for the map every other week, so that our complete map for this Era is released by the end of June.

Partnership Announcement

Question of the Week

To announce this as well, we have doxed the team to the extent that each team member is comfortable with. You can find the attached Twitters or LinkedIn’s for each team member on the Team page of our website. Privacy is a difficult thing to balance with establishing trust with the community that we are here to stay, but I hope the level of personal information we have made public for our team alleviates any potential concerns.

Stay tuned for some exciting releases the next few weeks, and I hope to see you all in our initial land sale!


  • Matt



COO at CitaDelv Studios. Twitter Profiles: @Lowsmithy @CitaDelvStudios Discord:

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Matthew H

COO at CitaDelv Studios. Twitter Profiles: @Lowsmithy @CitaDelvStudios Discord: