CitaDelv Weekly Update 5/16

Matthew H
3 min readMay 16, 2022


If you missed last weeks update, you can review it here. In that update I discussed the strategy behind our land design, and ways that CitaDelv is unique in a crowded Metaverse and MMO space. We are targeting mid June for our initial land sale, which will be land available on the South West quadrant of our map. This week, I will be discussing the timeline for full map release, present to the community our Litepaper, and announce a partnership.


We have published our Litepaper, which is a lighter version of what will be released as a full Whitepaper. The goal of the Litepaper is to provide the community with a comprehensive answer to the question: why CitaDelv? I would pay particular attention to section 6, discussing Profusion SDK, which is the toolset that CitaDelv is creating that really sets us apart from other projects and lays the foundation to make CitaDelv a real Metaverse, rather than just an MMO.

Map Release

Our full sized map is close to being released. A key differentiator between our world and the other players in the space is the sheer size of the world that we are creating. As a gamer, I have always enjoyed playing MMOs with vast, seemingly endless landscapes that I could get myself completely lost in. That is the goal for us as well. We are creating a massive world that would take thousands of hours of gameplay to fully explore, allowing players to decide which areas interest them and explore them at their discretion. We also pledge to have less than 20% of the land in the world be available for purchase, to ensure an immersive experience for those who want it.

We will be releasing a new quadrant for the map every other week, so that our complete map for this Era is released by the end of June.

Partnership Announcement

We are announcing a partnership with zCircuit, a fantastic play-to-earn racing game built on Algorand. Similar to CitaDelv, zCircuit believes strongly in a free to play philosophy, and we believe the partnership will be a great way to bring the Cardano and Algorand communities closer together. You will be able to see an NFT from zCircuit appearing on the wall of our first published Venture: Arrow Academy.

Question of the Week

What Crypto Community would you like to see a CitaDelv partnership with? Let me know in the comments.

To announce this as well, we have doxed the team to the extent that each team member is comfortable with. You can find the attached Twitters or LinkedIn’s for each team member on the Team page of our website. Privacy is a difficult thing to balance with establishing trust with the community that we are here to stay, but I hope the level of personal information we have made public for our team alleviates any potential concerns.

Stay tuned for some exciting releases the next few weeks, and I hope to see you all in our initial land sale!


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