CitaDelv Weekly Update 5/2

Matthew H
3 min readMay 2, 2022


Happy Monday to the Cardano Community! We are here with our 2nd Weekly Update for the CitaDelv Project. We had an exciting last week with the release of the Map of the Southwest Quadrant of the first Era (shown below) and made a ton of progress on our back-end development for our CIP-30 integration. We have a fully functional proof of concept with the Nami Wallet, and all CIP-30 compliant wallets will be available for transitions related to our content.

SW Quadrant of our first to release Era

Today we will be discussing the progress we have made with regards to Mobile App Development and our first CitaDelv created Venture — Arrow Academy.

Mobile App Development

As part of the CitaDelv Project, we are building a full mobile app that will allow you to interact with CitaDelv and other community members without needing to be at your computer. We have wireframes built for the entire planned functionality of the app, and have started development on some of the key areas. The key functionalities that we have expect to be part of the mobile are:

  • Account registration and login abilities integrated with AWS Cognito (Complete)
  • Character viewing and customization with ReadyPlayer.Me integration (in progress)
  • In-game inventory management
  • Webview integration
  • Ability to view questline status
  • Ability to view character stats and equipped items
  • Daily quest notifications
  • Guilds communication
  • Online friends messaging
  • Wallet integration
  • Trading and Marketplace functionality
  • CitaDelv Store Access
  • Access to CitaDelv Forums

We are aiming to make the experience on mobile just as enjoyable as on your computer. Although we do not have plans to create the ability to play the game directly on mobile, we hope that the functionality above gives all players the ability to stay connected and informed even if you are away from the computer for an extended period of time.

Venture — Arrow Academy

A core concept of CitaDelv is the ability for any land owners to create their own Ventures. As part of that, CitaDelv will be creating several Ventures ourselves to showcase the functionality, and enhance the initial gameplay. One of those Ventures will be Arrow Academy, an archery range training station where you shoot moving projectiles with the aim of getting a high score. Scoring highly allows you to win our in game currency and token Seed (CDV). This Venture has been fully built, and is going through the Oculus approval process to appear on it’s store, which usually takes a few weeks. You can see a quick preview of this Venture, which appears on the Gameplay tab of our Website.

Question of the week

What is your favorite flash game of all time? I remember playing a a lot of Motherload and RollOn when I was younger, and part of our goal with Ventures is to allow people to recreate their favorite games of the past, or use them as inspiration for new games that can be added to the CitaDelv Universe. Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Be sure to check our Roadmap for a peak at what we are releasing, when, and I look forward to updating the community on our progress next week!





Matthew H

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