CitaDelv Weekly Update 5/9

Matthew H
4 min readMay 9, 2022


If you missed our update last week, be sure to check it out! I discussed our Mobile app, as well as our first CitaDelv produced Venture, Archery Academy, which will be releasing on the Oculus store later this month. With just a month until we plan to have our early access Land Sale, I thought it best to give the community some insight on what we are working on to make that possible, as well as what makes our product different from other MMOMetaverse projects in the space.

Land Design

If you missed it, we gave a preview of a portion of our map last week. There’s no reason to pretend like we are ‘The first Cardano MMO Metaverse Project’, but our map reflects the attention to detail that we will have in our product. CitaDelv will create a better virtual land ownership experience for 4 main reasons:

Preview of plots that exist near the CitaDel, with relative price points. Note — These sections contain multiple plots of land.
  1. Less plots, more map — Most Cardano MMOMetaverse projects seem to be selling the majority, if not all, of land in their world to consumers, leaving no land available for community, or gameplay spaces. At CitaDelv, less than 20% of the total available land will be available for purchase, allowing for vast areas of the metaverse that can be explored freely by all players. Not only this, but we will be minting fewer land parcels overall than the majority of other Metaverse Projects, making the land more valuable, more rare, and reward those who joined early on at a great price point.
  2. In-game utility for land plots — I’m not talking about just building on your land, but much more. Yes, you will be able to build what you wish on your land, but you will also be able to create Ventures on your land, which can connect CitaDelv members to other games, video content, music, or whatever you want to have exist on your land. We have created our first Venture, Arrow Academy, to show the community the power of our Profusion SDK and how CitaDelv can lay the roadmap for a truly decentralized Metaverse. In addition to this, land plots will provide a certain amount of in-game resources daily, giving land owners the ability to farm resources without having to spend as much time collecting them in game.
  3. Variety of Land — We aren’t going to be selling the same jpeg image for thousands of land plots. Land in the CitaDelv world comes with different geographical features and different available resources, making the choice not ‘if’ you should buy a land parcel, but rather ‘which’ land parcel do you want. There will be a variety of advantages due to resources, proximity to landmarks, and more, making the purchasing of land exciting and strategic.
  4. Land that persists across time — The core theme in CitaDelv is the existence of the same world in different periods of time. The first Era that will be released takes place in a Medieval time period, and other released Eras will take place both in the past, present, and future. Roughly 95% of the purchasable Land will persist across every Era, meaning that as CitaDelv releases more maps, more gameplay, and more of the world, the people that own land will continue to own it in the newly released content. 5% of the land will only exist in the Era that it is sold — this is to allow people who only wish to own land during a specific thematic Era of CitaDelv, and at a lower price point, to still do so.

I want to emphasize again that you will not be required to buy land to play CitaDelv. Having land gives the ability to create-to-earn by building Ventures on your land, as well as gives an amount of daily resource gathering, but all resources that are available through land farming will also be available throughout the Metaverse game. We want our world to be inclusive to all, regardless of budget, and promise that CitaDelv is, and always will be, free to play.

What to expect in the coming weeks

In the next few weeks, we have a lot of exiting content that will be released. Firstly, we will be releasing two more quadrants of the Medieval Era map. Be excited for some dense forests, icy terrain, snow capped mountains, and more.

We will be publishing our Litepaper this week, which gives an overview of why we are creating CitaDelv in the first place. There will be a heavy focus on our Tokenomics, and how CitaDelv is being architected to become truly decentralized through Ventures. There is no denying that making a game without a central authority, in this case CitaDelv, is very difficult, but we will share our strategy to continually give more power to the community and less direction required from our team.

We will be doing our first giveaway — awarding a Pioneer Badge to 10 individuals who participate on Twitter or Discord. This badge will be available in game to show on your Avatar, as a signal that you were one of the original members of CitaDelv.

Question of the Week

What is your favorite cryptocurrency community, and why is it Cardano?

Thanks for taking the time to read, I’m incredibly excited about the next month of development, and can’t wait to show everyone the great work the team has done.





Matthew H

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