CitaDelv Weekly Update — 6/6

Matthew H
3 min readJun 6, 2022


It has been another exciting week at CitaDelv. We’ve been grinding away on crafting immersive game elements, expanding our technical infrastructure, and growing our community. If you didn’t get a chance to check out last week’s update you can read it here.

This week, we distributed 10 Pioneer Badges to our community members, determined resource allocation for land parcels, and devised a strategy for wallet integration to VR Ventures.

Pioneer Badge Winners

This week we awarded pioneer badges to 10 members of the community as a thanks for their active engagement in our Discord and Twitter. As always, CitaDelv aims to be a truly decentralized and community-driven game creation platform. Eventually, this will be through the construction of community-owned Ventures, but a critical first step to completing this vision is the growth of our community. Thank you to everyone who participated and to the winners, congrats on your shiny new badge! The Policy ID for the pioneer badge is: 8cf2446f2b0937cde4fbf1f2177969fdc08cb98ddd087cfa2c138378

Land Resource Allocation

As in any great MMO, gameplay for CitaDelv will include the acquisition of resources that can be utilized for the construction of in-game items. To really spice things up our gameplay design team has decided to allow owners of land parcels to mine critical resources from land-based on the terrain in which the land is located. Because we believe it is essential that CitaDelv always remain free to play and accessible to community members who do not want to spend money, all resources farmable from land will be available in-game through other means such as quest completion or gathering, however, another great in-game perk of land ownership will be accelerated growth of resources. This week we worked to balance the resources across parcels in an equitable distribution while maintaining the regional aesthetics, with the overarching goal of having land provide daily the amount of resources it would take 5–20 minutes to gather organically. Get excited because CitaDelv gameplay is coming sooner than you think!

Briefcase VR Wallet Integration

CitaDelv aims to permit the construction of Ventures with accessibility across multiple platforms. Perhaps the most exciting of these platforms is the Oculus VR headset. However, due to (important) user privacy restrictions on Oculus cameras, a major challenge is the smooth integration of existing wallets into VR. Thankfully we have the solution, introducing: BriefCase, the Cardano ecosystem’s first VR wallet integration — created by CitaDelv Studios. Using Briefcase users will be able to connect in-game accounts to their Cardano wallets via the companion BriefCase Mobile Application. This will permit the distribution of crypto-based assets through Ventures such as “Archery Academy” or other games built by the community!

Question of the Week

What is your favorite non-crypto-based video game?

For me, I am an avid League of Legends player, but have a soft spot for my first ever favorite video game — Age of Mythology. I loved the focus on strategy, expansion, and learning to balance your most valuable resource: Time. You have a limited amount of attention and every second counts for how you spend it!

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more!


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